11 Foods That Actually Help in Burning Fat

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While we know that veggies like broccoli or spinach are good for our weight loss, there are actually some other foods that do the same… but we might not know about them. And if you’re curious about these fat-burning foods, then definitely check these out and add them to your grocery list!  They really will make weight loss so much easier.


While popular in today’s hipster generation, avocados have another purpose other than just being apart of an Insta-worthy breakfast snap. They are high in the kind of fats that your heart needs to function properly and are great for burning fat. 


Chicken is full of protein and can be cooked in a number of ways. It’s also great to keep this meat in your diet while you tone up and slim down. Of course by chicken, we mean cooked properly and with healthy sides. So sorry, but KFC doesn’t quite make the cut.


Oatmeal is also great for burning fat and the stodginess of the food will also help you feel fuller longer. Plus, this food is easy to mix up with a variety of fruits so it doesn’t taste bland.


Bananas are perfect for a pre-workout snack and can actually aid you in burning fat and recovering afterwards. So keep on eating this awesome fruit!


I can hear you cheering right now, but before you get too excited, there are specifics around this. Dark chocolate is actually quite healthy in moderation, and cocoa powder can be used to give some flavor and boost to bland foods. 


Cranberries have a lot of  antioxidants. Also,  being sweet with a bit of a tang, they are an ideal fruit to consume if you want a little snack. 


Spinach was always seen as the one thing that gave Popeye his strength. And while we all laughed at this cartoon, there is truth behind it. Green vegetables are great for burning belly fat and building muscle. 


Cucumber is brilliant in a variety of ways. So have some in your salad, or other dishes, to start seeing the wonderful weight loss benefits.


Get this, there’s actually a mushroom diet! This little fun guy (get it?) helps by reducing calories but still gives you a variety of minerals and health benefits. Being able to be cooked and chopped it in a number of ways, allows it to become a part of nearly any healthy meal.

Protein Bars

What list around fat burning would be complete without mentioning these? Protein bars are best for those who are upping their exercise regimes, so not for those who want to solely diet. By consuming these, you’ll help your muscles repair after a workout, transforming fatty tissues into lean muscle.


You may have noticed this gets mentioned in a lot of lists, but we cannot stress enough just how good water is for you. There are so many benefits when it comes to burning fat. Water will help you rehydrate, repair damaged muscles from training, make you feel fuller for longer, keep food cravings at bay, and generally make you healthier overall.

If you want to see faster results with your weight loss, then definitely make sure to add these eleven to your list before you go shopping! They will help you out so much!

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