11 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism (That You Probably Didn’t Know About)

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We all dream to have that perfect beach body and stunning shape. But exercising and getting enough sleep are obvious ways to make that happen.  Did you know that the foods you eat also effect how fast you burn calories?  Here’s a list of some of these foods you probably didn’t know would help you in that way.  Be sure to add them to the grocery list and look for them on the menu!

Not only do these foods speed up your metabolism, they also provide other health benefits and taste great.


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There’s plenty of fish in the sea but a delicious salmon is definitely a great catch. Rich with amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, this would work great on your metabolism.

Green Tea

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Not just great for your metabolism but also loaded with antioxidants, you can’t go wrong with green tea.

Chili Peppers

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Spice up your diet and add some chili peppers on your plate. Whoa! Spicy taste and bittersweet ends for your fats.


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Who wouldn’t love some avocado? This creamy pale green fruit may be high in fat and calories, but it’s also packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals.


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These berries are really good for you! Among all fruits, blueberries are known to be one of the best to boost your metabolism.

Whole Grains

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Cool fact about whole grains, they can actually lower the sugar levels of the foods you eat, making your metabolism to work faster.

Eat Enough Protein

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However you prepare them, proteins are always smart fuel for your metabolism. Whether it’s chicken, beef, pork or something else, protein is a must.


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This tiny vegetable is a great addition to your meals and packed with nutrients to break down fats. Grab a bunch of these greens and indulge yourself in its natural nutrients.


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Did you know that coffee can help you rev up your metabolism. So get yourself a venti of black coffee and avoid the sweeteners.


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An apple a day keeps the Doctor away, and so as an apple a day keeps the fat away.


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Whether it’s for breakfast or a snack, this yummy treat is totally good for you. Not only a great source of protein and calcium, but also great agent in increasing your metabolism.

While there are no shortcuts to losing weight, there are a few things to boost your metabolism. Knowing that there are plenty of foods that help speed up our metabolism, we can add them to our diet, and have the edge on losing weight. So try some of these foods out and let’s have a healthy and fit lifestyle together.

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