10 Winter Fashion Outfit Ideas & Hacks That Will Keep You Warm

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I love finding good winter fashion outfit ideas and tips since winter can be hard on our clothes. And not to mention, many outfits are meant to look pretty but aren’t able to get the job done with keeping you warm. However, there are some great ways to get around that with some simple fashion hacks. So check these out and let me know what you think!

Freeze Your Tights

Freeze your tights. Yes, really. Run your tights under cold water. After your wring them out as best you can, fold them up and place them in a ziplock bag. After you’ve done that, put them in the freezer overnight. This strengthens and thickens the fibers of your tights, which makes them much warmer.

Socks with Flats

Wear socks with your flats. This one is an acquired taste, for sure. This also can depend on what kind of flats you’re wearing, and the socks that match them best. But if you want to shoot for an “outgoing” look, pairing some fun socks with neutral flats can keep you warm while making statement.

Sport a Turtleneck Under Your Dress

This can be a really cute way to stay warm if you have the right dress. Find a dress that’s more slim and stylish, color neutral, and will go well with a turtleneck – preferably black, white, or grey.

Beanie with a Hat

Wear a beanie under a wide brimmed hat. You can keep your big hat from flying away by pulling a beanie over your head first. This will help secure things down while also keeping your head warm.

Folding Your Knits

Fold your knit clothing. Hanging your knits will hurt them over time. This makes them less useful, and in the end, no fun to wear! Fold them instead to make them long-lasting so you can look your best in your favorite knitted sweater every year.

Soften Itchy Fabrics

You obviously don’t want to wear an itchy sweater, no matter how cute it is. But there’s a way to fix the itch! Put together a mixture of six parts water to one part hair conditioner, and let the garment soak for about an hour. This will calm the itch, and you can go back to looking stylish without the discomfort.

Waterproof Canvas Shoes With Wax

While this one requires a bit more effort, it is totally worth it. It sucks to get your shoes wet when it’s cold outside. So you will need a tall, unscented candle. Simply grab the candle and rub it all over your shoe. By the time you’ve covered the whole thing, your shoe should be white with wax. Then, grab your hair dryer and melt the wax onto your shoe. The wax should be clear when you’re done.

Wool Insoles

This is a DIY project, but it’s worth it! It’s also very easy. All you have to do is cut out a piece of wool in the shape of your insoles and stick it in the shoes you’re wearing that day! It’s an easy way to keep the bottoms of your feet nice and warm.

Use a Pumice Stone for Your Pilling Sweater

Knitted sweaters can be the best and the worst thing to wear when it’s cold outside. Managing and taking care of them can be a hassle, especially when it starts pilling and the material starts to get ruined. So just simply get a pumice stone and gently shave off the balls of fluff.

Put Your Cashmere or Wool Sweater in the Freezer

It’s so annoying when sweaters shed. It can ruin your entire outfit by making a complete mess. So just throw the sweater in your freezer each time before you wear it!

Until spring comes, we need all the help we can get to look stylish but keep warm. So try out these ten simple tips and tricks for the cold season and let me know what you think!

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