10 Meal Prep Ideas for the Week That Are Healthy & Delicious

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Meal prep for the week can be a challenge, but these easy and healthy meal prep ideas are the perfect way to go! 

It’s always great to have some quick and tasty recipes for when you’re busy, so definitely give these a try and let me know what you think!

Chicken Ramen

Found from The Kitchn

Basic isn’t always bad, and this chicken ramen is proof positive. Soup stock paste, carrots, peas, corn, tofu, and egg play nice in this quickie recipe. Add optional sriracha for an extra kick.

Easy Chicken Burrito Meal Prep Bowls (Gluten Free)

Found from My Food Story

This recipe includes quick and easy recipe (only 30 minutes in the cooker) is packed with succulent chicken, so it’s both delicious and simple.

Sheet Pan Hoisin Chicken

Found from Life Made Sweeter

What I really love about this dish… you just throw all the vegetables, chicken and hoisin sauce in a sheet pan and leave all the work to get done in the oven! Instagram like you slaved over it watch the likes come in. 

Caribbean Jerk Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice

Found from Eat Yourself Skinny

These grilled cilantro lime shrimp accompanied by cauliflower rice are so easy to make and so flavorful. They require few ingredients and takes just 10 quick minutes of hands-on time!

Breakfast Burrito

Found from Damn Delicious

A great alternative to your ordinary breakfast sandwich is a wholemeal wrap loaded with tater tots, eggs, beans, and cheese of course! You’ll never skip breakfast with this burrito!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wrap

Found from Delish

Lettuce wraps are an awesome idea for your next family gathering. Combined with chicken, bacon, and ranch, this will definitely keep things fun, healthy and tasty!  Make sure to have a large batch though… it’s gonna be a hit for sure!

Mexican Bistro Lunch Box

Found from Sweet Peas and Saffron

Another way to start your day right with this protein-packed bistro box.  This black bean salad goes great with crackers! And these trail mis nuts + the kiwi, you’re basically making lunch into an event.

Kale and Leek Pesto Pasta with Tofu

Found from She Likes Food

Here’s a 30-minute pasta recipe to satisfy your cravings. Made even better with fresh, leafy greens and topped with fried tofu. Perfect for any dinner table.

Lemon Roasted Salmon With Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli

Found from Little Spice Jar

Delicious, nutritious and beautiful.  Bring your heels to dinner because this one makes staying in for supper feel like a classy event.

Fruit and Nuts Snack Box

Found from Beachbody on Demand

If you’re craving  something healthy, snackable and enjoyable,  consider making a snack box filled with your favorite fruits and nuts. These nommy treats are no doubt full of vitamins and fiber. Plus, you can prepare it in an instant.  You may run late but you don’t have to run hungry!

Whether you are cooking for yourself, your friends or for your entire family, taking the time to sit down and plan future meals will not only save you time, energy and money but will also improve your eating habits. So pick any of these recipes and indulge yourself in something healthy, tasty and easy to make. If you have something to add to these recipes, comment. I always love to hear from you!


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