10 Ways to Upgrade Your Wardrobe in the New Year

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The new year is a time for experimentation and new beginnings. And it is a perfect time to unveil a new look or add onto your basics. And there are several new accessories that you can use to style your look and completely upgrade your wardrobe without having to buy an entire new closet.

A Jacket to Go with Everything

Considering the colder months of the new year, a jacket is probably one of the most important accessories you can equip yourself with. A jacket can completely change the look of any outfit, so it’s important to buy a jacket that will work with any look. Try to find a single color or simple print that will go with many or all outfits in your wardrobe.

A Multi-Purpose Bag

A bag can make or break a look. So start by deciding if you prefer to carry everything around at once, or if you can get by with essentials like your cell phone and wallet. A larger bag is good for carrying around whatever you may need in a day and can even be the focus of your entire ensemble. Use a smaller bag to accentuate any look with a solid color or any print that could match most looks.

A Cardigan

A cardigan can play up any shirt that it’s paired with and is an easy accessory to tote around and wear with any cold weather outfit. Pick a printed cardigan to accompany any solid color shirt, or a solid color cardigan to match with any shirt in your wardrobe. There are many different ways to play around with the same cardigan, which makes it great for diversifying a wardrobe.


You can make a more formal look casual with sneakers, and the right pair can be enough to accentuate almost your entire wardrobe. Sneakers can easily make a cute skirt and blouse more casual or add style to your skinny jeans.

A Statement Belt

You can instantly change the look of any dress by accentuating it with a large and decorative belt.

A Scarf or Two

Either a blanket scarf or a light airy scarf can both be folded into dozens of ways to achieve a fresh new look for the coming season. Adding just one or two scarves to your wardrobe can drastically change the appearance of any look. 

Everyday Boots

Boots that can match most any outfit you want to wear can be a game changer in your seasonal wardrobe. Everyday boots can make you look great, while still allowing the functionality of warmth and comfort.


Beanies are a perfect accessories for the new year. They can be functional as well as add a touch of style to any current wardrobe.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets should be a staple in any wardrobe. They have been in fashion for decades because of their simple look and can go with so many styles. There are plenty of different sizes and color options to choose from when selecting a denim jacket, so your options are plentiful while still adding a personal flair to your new wardrobe.

All-Weather Boots

For extra wet and muddy days, a pair of all-weather boots are a necessity. Fortunately, Sperry boots last for years and their rugged practicality adds an air of functionality to any look.

Updating your wardrobe does not have to involve an all new set of clothes. This wardrobe update can be easy and cheap just by shopping at a consignment or thrift store. And you can acquire new accessories to dress up your everyday wardrobe without breaking the bank which will keep your current wardrobe going for another season without having to buy more outfits.

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