10 Ways to Trick Yourself into Eating Healthy

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I think you can probably agree with me that at least once in your life, you promised to eat healthy but ended up making excuses. It seems like lots of food temptations, increased appetite, and cravings are on your mind and they’re inevitable. And when busy days hit, it can be easy to eat out or go for delivery.

But this should not be an issue anymore since there are plenty of ways to trick yourself into eating healthy. These are tips and hacks that are simple and easy to implement yet have effective results. They can help improve your eating habits and your health too. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Reset Your Reward System

Reward systems excite you and keep you motivated. But often times, you choose rewards that just satisfy your cravings and sacrifice your health.

Why not choose healthier rewards that give the same satisfaction. Instead of getting a gallon of ice cream which is high in sugar and artificial flavorings, try to make a refreshing fruit smoothie. It’s fresh, tastes good, and will satisfy your dessert cravings while benefiting your health too.

Sneak in That Veggie

Most of us have a love/hate relation with veggies. You love its vitamins but hate its taste. But when you know how to easily sneak in some veggies into your comfort food, things get a lot healthier.

Try to add some green leafy spinach into your smoothies and you’ll end up boosting your immune system. Make spiralized noodles from veggies like zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes with the help of a spiralizer tool.  Also, add some fresh tomatoes to your pasta for extra flavor and nutrition.

Choose a Small Plate

One of the easiest ways to trick yourself into eating healthy is by using a smaller plate. Not just because it holds less food, but because they make each plate seem fuller than it really is, which tricks your mind into thinking you’ve eaten more.

Pretend You’re Eating Fatty Foods

Okay, this may sound silly but seriously, once you believe that you’re eating fatty foods even if you’re not, you tend to decrease your food intake and avoid overeating.

It’s because the way the meal is labeled is more important than you think. By tricking yourself into thinking that you’re eating unhealthy food, you can quickly stop your body from eating more.

Try Some Flavored Water

As we all know, water plays an important role in our diet. It hydrates the body without unwanted calories and aids in weight-loss. And to even better your health, try to add some fruit slices like oranges, lemons, cucumber, etc. and herbs to your water.

This detoxing drink will flush out toxins in your body and benefit your health with so many possibilities. It’s a great drink, and perfect when losing weight.

Cook Big Batches of Healthy Meals

One of the easiest ways to trick yourself into healthy eating is by preparing meals in advance and cooking them in batches. Chances are if you have leftovers, you’ll store them in your fridge, and reheat when needed. So be sure to cook healthy meals to save a ton of time and budget while staying health.

Eat With Soft Lighting and Music

Do you ever wonder why restaurants play music and have a soft lighting when dining in? It’s because music affects your mood, and mood affects eating habits.

Softer lighting and mellow music can influence you to eat less. So the next time you dine in, consider getting into a relaxed environment to enjoy your meal more and prevent overeating.

Choose Healthy Treats

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean cutting down on all the treats. In fact, sometimes when you deprive yourself to much, you might end up breaking your healthy streak.

So find healthier options for your cravings once in a while. You’ll get used to it eventually and want it more over your long time unhealthy cravings.

Make it Colorful

If you haven’t noticed, rainbow colored foods are becoming super trendy on Instagram.

So why not make some rainbow salad from colorful produce like blueberries, strawberries, red cabbage, and leafy greens. They’ll give an extra pop of color to your boring meal and taste better too. Plus the nutrition they give is a total win.

Food Commercials

When you watch food commercials, especially fast food and unhealthy food commercials, think of it the other way around. Instead of being tempted by it, try thinking about its fat, sugar, chemicals, and calorie intake.

You’ll feel disgusted after and tend to go for healthier option.

While resisting temptation is never easy, staying focus and determined with help your healthy eating habits can seriously make a difference. So try any of these healthy eating hacks out, and let me know how it goes!

Now if you know questions about this post, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!

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