10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy in The Backyard this Summer

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Summer is almost every kid’s favorite time of the year. It’s a time to relax, have some fun and enjoy a vacation. But for some moms, summer can be also tricky for finding activities to keep their little ones busy and entertained. Other than pool outings or beach trips, it can be hard to find ideas that will add excitement to the summer season.

So I’ve searched high and low for awesome ways to keep your kids busy and happy this summer. These are all seriously budget friendly and easy to do, so you don’t have to spend a bundle on this bonding time with the kids. Check them out below and let me know what you think.

Make DIY Water Blobs

Found from Hello Wonderful

Cool your kids off after an active day in the sun with these adorable water blobs. Seriously this is so easy to do and cheap. I’m sure your kids will like and enjoy this.

Squirt Gun Painting

Found from Fire Flies and Mud Pies

Kids totally love creating their own artwork. Why not add some fun and use a water gun instead of a paint brush in creating the art? 

Pool Noodle Race Track

Found from Ramblings From Utopia

Have a few friends come over and create a mini race day in the garden. All you need is a pool noodle, matchbox cars and props for the cool race track. In a minute, you’re ready to hit the road!  

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Found from I Heart Nap Time

If you want a challenging and fun summer activity for your kids, then this idea is a must on your list. I’m sure kids and kids at heart will totally enjoy this whimsical game.

Bees and Bugs Tic Tac Toe

Found from Chicken Scratch NY

This outdoor tic tac toe game is fun for the kids to work on by themselves, or with a little help from you. And it can be personalized in so many ways with your kid’s favorite colors and designs.

Candy Necklace

Found from Design Improvised

This candy necklace is easy to make, and perfect for a kids’ party or play date! You can use a combination of fruit loops, pretzels, assorted candies, and gummies of your choice. Looks delicious, right?

Bottle Bubble Flower

Found from Hello Wonderful

Skip spending money on buying bubble toys on a store and create your own blower. You’ll need a plastic bottle, scissor, duct tape, and homemade bubble solutions. Be careful with young children — swallowing soapy water is no fun.

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

Found from The Tip Toe Fairy

Keep your kids busy with this awesome foam paint activity. It’s soft, squishy, fluffy and easy to clean up. Spark their imaginations and be surprised at what they create!

Water Balloon Math Game

Found from No Time For Flash Cards

Now, this is a great summer activity. Let your kids make a splash and get wet while learning with this number skills game.  Fun, refreshing and educational – it’s hard to beat that!

Sponge Sail Boats

Found from Easy Peasy and Fun

Sail away with your kids with this easy-to-make sponge boat that’s perfect for summer pool days. Great for all ages, with a bit of help for younger kids. Future captains will definitely love this.

Summer is here, which means kids are home from school for the next 2-3 months. There are always plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained without going broke. So try out these amazing tips and let me know what you think.

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