10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat Fast

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Of all the difficult areas to sculpt and tone on the body, the infamous thigh-gap may be the most coveted. While a diet is the best way to get rid of body fat, a clever combination of targeted workouts can also help to keep your thighs looking thin and gorgeous.

Increase Water Intake

A major key to weight loss in any area of the body is to stay hydrated. Drinking water can speed up your metabolism and will leave you feeling fuller longer which will lead to less snacking in between meals.

Strengthening Exercises

Muscle burns fat, so using strengthening exercises is a great way to build muscle and remove fat from your thighs. Practice lunges and squats around the home while you are doing some daily chores.

Eat Less Sugar

Eating simple refined sugars can cause an increase in insulin production which causes the the body to hold onto fat for utilization in the future. Cutting sugar out of your diet will kick-start your weight loss in problem areas.

Decrease Your Salt Intake

The more salt in your body, the more water weight you’ll retain. And this is definitely not something we want with our thighs. Reducing your salt consumption will greatly reduce the amount of water weight retained in your thighs and help give you an overall slimmer appearance in your legs.

Increase Cardio

Burning more calories than you consume is vital to weight loss in any problem area. And cardio exercises are a great way to do just that! So try cardio exercises such as running or cycling; these will help sculpt the leg muscles to give them a thinner appearance.

Avoid Alcohol

It may seem harmless to have a glass of wine with dinner, but alcohol is processed in the body as sugar which becomes stored as fat. Instead of an alcoholic drink with your next meal, try an unsweetened and flavored spritzer instead.

Eat a Protein Rich Diet

Eating a diet that has about 9-12 ounces of lean protein a day can keep you feeling fuller longer. It also increases your metabolism to help you burn calories faster which will help eliminate fat in your thighs.

Exercise on an Incline

Walking or running on an incline greatly increases resistance on the thighs. This will help the thighs to look tighter and more muscular, reducing fat and cellulite over time.

Cut the Carbs

Everyone has heard of the fat-burning benefits of a low-carb diet, and knowing what should and shouldn’t be eaten in a low-carb diet is the most important step. So cut down on things like grains, breads, as well as fruits and starchy vegetables like potatoes.

Write Down What You Eat

Keeping a food journal is a great way to track what kinds of foods are going into your body so you can understand what might have caused some weight gain, water retention, or for you to lose a few pounds. 

Writing out your daily meals is awesome when you want to take a closer look at your calories and know what to cut out and what to put in.

Thighs can be a tricky body part to keep fit, but if you can follow these simple tips, you will definitely start to build and maintain smoother, thinner thighs for the coming swimsuit season. It doesn’t have to take a very long time to achieve your goals, it just takes consistency. 

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