10 Tips from an Expert on How to Buy a Car

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All of us dream of owning a car someday and enjoying the perks of traveling. And some of us have a been in need of a new car for quite some time. But not all of us will have the privilege of owning a car mainly because of the budget.

If you live from paycheck to paycheck and worry about your meals, then you know what I’m talking about.

But whether you’re someone that needs a new car or has never owned one, there are plenty of tips on how to save money when buying a car. So check them out and let me know what you think!

List Down Your Choices

Before you go out window shopping, prepare a list of car models and specifications. Having a list helps you avoid temptation. Most auto salespeople sell you the higher value of car models and sweet-talk you into buying the add-ins. Don’t get fooled easily. Having a list gives you control on what you buy.

Also, think of how often you will use your car. If you drive long distances or off-road, diesel could be the way to go. Think of the capacity and how many people will regularly ride with you. List down all the reasons why you need a car and shop according to those needs.

Opt for CPO

Certified pre-owned cars give you the same benefits as a new car. Many car dealers such as Kia even provide you great freebies such as roadside assistance, warranty, and towing or rental coverage. CPO cars are cheaper because they are pre-owned and older models. However, although these cars are older models the car dealers have fully reconditioned them. You can browse a variety of CPO vehicles at Edmunds and Cars websites.

Bargain Over the Internet

Did you know that you can bargain with a salesperson over the internet? What’s great about this method is that you don’t give them the benefit of face-to-face interaction. It is easier to say “no” to someone you don’t see.

Also, internet salespeople are paid based on the volume that they sold rather than on commission basis. This means that they have the power to cut the deal and give you the best discounts.

Trade in Your Old Car

If your car is in excellent condition, look for dealerships that are willing to take your old car for a newer one. Of course, you still need to shell out some cash, but not as much as when you get a brand new car. A few hundred dollars is still cheaper than a couple thousand dollars.

Make sure that you know the current market value of your car, so the dealer doesn’t lowball you on the cost. Visit this website to get an idea of how much your car’s value is.

Go for Mid-Level Models

It’s tempting to buy a fully-loaded car with all the perks such as a classy-looking spoiler or an advanced navigation system. However, is it worth it? Do you really need them? Opt for practical accessories such as Anti-Brake System, Anti-Theft System, and airbags.

Accessories such as a sound system can be added later on. Adding them, later on, will also give you the benefit of customizing them according to your preference. This will also be easier on the budget, and you don’t have to shell out money.

Check Out the Dealer Stocks

Ordering from dealer stock means selecting from what’s already been ordered. It’s cheaper because there are no additional fees to order what you want. A special order means they have to contact the manufacturer and deliver the vehicle into your hands. Of course, there are special fees that come with it.

Browse from what’s already in the shops, they may not be exactly what you want, but they are of the same value.

Bring Your Own Financing

Before you start shopping for a car, make sure that you’re already approved for a car loan. This saves you from the hassle of being badgered into financing that seems “too good to be true.” Scouting for a car loan beforehand allows you to scrutinize the details and make sure you get what you pay for. Scour the market for banks and credit unions that give you affordable financing without the unnecessary extras. You’ll have plenty of time to study the fine print once you have plenty of options.

Pre-approval gives you an allowance of 60 days, so you have much time to spare. It also makes it easier to haggle with the dealer once you’ve got financing ready.

Negotiate Before Buying

If you’re buying a used car or trading in your car, negotiate the price first. Start with getting a good deal for your car before focusing on other factors such as financing rate and insurance.

After getting the price of the car you want, start negotiating the extras. At least, it gives you leeway on where to put your money.

Get Useful Insurance

Research on insurance and find the best type according to your needs and usage. For example, if you live in an area where it is prone to flash floods, you may want to opt for that comprehensive insurance. Here is a quick guide on insurance policies to help you get started.

‘Tis the Season to Buy

August through October is the best time to shop for a car. This is the period where dealers change their stocks – out with the old and in with the new. You can even buy vehicles at a discounted price. Car dealers are getting rid of old stocks, so you will most likely get a good deal. Save up your money until then. Think of it as an early Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for yourself.


Saving up for that car and finally getting one is the best reward for all your hard work. It may seem far-fetched at first, but just motivate yourself and be responsible for saving. They key to getting the best deal is to research, prepare the requirements, and go easy on the budget. Arm yourself before you set out to buy a car.

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Author Bio : David, a car enthusiast, shares everything based on his experiences at the Auto Repair shop. Visit his blog to learn more about cars.

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