10 Simplifying & Healthy Meal Prep Ideas for the Week

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Do you feel like you have 47 random tabs running in your head and basically no time to take care of any of them?

Yeah, I understand. It’s stressful, there’s way too much on your plate, and you deserve to have more time to go grab a cup of coffee and just relax.

And not the kind of relaxing where you sit there for 3 minutes and then get up because you have something to take care of. I mean actually relax. Just sit there for a solid 30-40 minutes and breath.

So if this is something you think you deserve too, then try out some of these meal prep ideas this week. 🙂

Chicken Fajita Meal Prep Recipe

Whether you’re using chicken or tofu for this meal prep idea, I think it’s the perfect recipe for when you’re craving something Mexican and flavorful.

Chicken Fajita Meal Prep Recipe

Smoky Red Pepper and Farro Soup with Feta

Soup is honestly so good for meal prepping. You can make big batches of it, it can be packed with nutrients, and you can eat it all throughout the week. 👌
Smoky Red Pepper and Farro Soup with Feta Recipe

Thai Salad with Peanut Dressing

Now if you’re feeling like an Asian-inspired recipe because Asian food rocks, then this is a great idea. You can either do the tofu like she suggests or sub it out for chicken or beef and you’re set. Also, I think everyone at the office is gonna be jealous when they smell it heating up in the microwave. 😉

Easy Overnight Oats 5 Ways Recipes

Easy 3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Vegan)

If you’re in a rush, then this is probably the perfect recipe to grab and go. Also, it looks like it might pair well with a hot cup of coffee. 🙂

Easy 3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Vegan) Recipe

Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies

This looks so flavorful and delicious! I can only imagine the smells this makes as it starts to cook in the oven. 🙂

Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies Recipe

Pineapple Cinnamon Chili Recipe

Now if you want a healthy meal prep recipe, but you also want to make it comfort food, then this is probably gonna be the best option here.

Pineapple Cinnamon Chili Recipe

Energy-Boosting Chocolate & Espresso Overnight Oats

One more early morning meal prep recipe for those who want to eat, but don’t wanna cook and also don’t want to have something boring and not-so-healthy, like cereal.

Energy-Boosting Chocolate & Espresso Overnight Oats Recipe

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