10 Simple Houseplant Tips That’ll Help Your Plant Thrive

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Having houseplants at home is an excellent way not only to decorate your space but purify your air as well. They make your room look fresh and stylish and benefit your health at the same time. Whether it’s a simple succulent or an awesome hanging plant, they’re a great addition to any room. And if you’re thinking of getting started, then you must first learn how to properly take care of them.

And that’s why for today I decided to gather some tips and tricks that’ll be helpful especially for beginners like you. These are ideas that are easy to implement, will keep your indoor plants looking great and lengthen their life. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Find a Place with the Right Light

Light plays an important part in your indoor houseplant care. It nourishes and helps your plants to grow well. And when deciding where to place your plant, keep in mind that each plant requires a different amount of sunlight. Some may need less but some more.  So to make sure your plant stays healthy, check the tag on the plant when you purchase it or do some research.

Hydrate Your Plants with Club Soda

Did you know that the minerals in soda water help plants grow? It’s because an unsweetened carbonated beverage, like club soda, is packed with important nutrients that are essential in your plant’s growth. So try pouring some on your plants and watch them flourish!

Mist in the Morning

Make it a habit to always mist in the morning whenever possible. This will moisturize and humidify your plants and keep them fresh all day long.

Make Pots Hold Water Longer

If you’ve noticed that your potted houseplants dry out too quickly even after watering, then consider trying this simple trick. All you have to do is dampen a sponge with water and put it under the soil when repotting. This will make sure your plant stays hydrated at all times.

Feed Your Ferns

Set a day in the week for your ferns, gardenias, and other acid-loving houseplants to have tea time. Instead of using water when watering your plants, try using tea which works well in promoting healthy growth in plants.

Use Ice Cubes to Water

Rather than directly pouring water onto your plants, try placing some ice cube around the soil.

The ice will melt slowly, releasing the water evenly into the roots and soil and ensure water doesn’t pool or leak out of the bottom of the plant’s container.

Make Your Houseplants Shine

Wonder how to easily make your plant’s leaves shiny? Try rubbing a tiny amount of mayonnaise on the leaves with a paper towel. This will instantly make your plants look shiny and can last for weeks or even months.

Water Less Often

To easily know how often you should water your plants, take note of this general rule of thumb. The thicker the leaves are, the less water the plants need, while the thinner the leave are, the more water they need. Super simple right?

Know When to Repot

When your plants begin to grow new leaves, you see lots of roots coming through the draining holes, and the soil dries out very quickly, it’s probably a great time to repot your plants.

Use a Mouse Pad for Your Houseplants

If you’re planning to use some succulents as your table centerpiece, then try placing the pot on a mousepad instead of directly on your table. The mousepad will serve as a mat and will keep your furniture free from scratches, scuffs, or water damage.

Whether you’re a beginner or have had a green thumb for awhile, these houseplant tips and tricks from the list will definitely make plant care easier. They’re easy to do, will lengthen the life of your houseplants, and make your home look great. So give them a try and let me know what you think!

Now if you have any questions about these houseplant tips, let me know in the comments down below! I’d love to help you out!


Silas & Grace

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