10 Morning Habits Fit Women Always Follow

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Waking up is difficult for most of us, but if you follow these ten simple habits, you will find your mornings more enjoyable. And not only that, but you will also find yourself losing weight and feeling great inside and out. So check out these morning habits of skinny and fit women, and let us know what you think!

Drink Water

Fit women know that water is key to health. And they also know that if they drink water before anything else, their metabolism will be faster, and they will be more likely to burn off more fat.

Make Your Bed

Most of us have seen, or heard, the speech given by a Navy SEAL Commander regarding making your bed. Fit women know he was right. If you start your day by making your bed, then you have already achieved one task. This sense of achievement will then motivate you to pursue other morning tasks, such as exercising, eating healthy, and even having a positive mental outlook on the day ahead.

Go for a Morning Run (Or Something Similar)

Exercise in the morning has its benefits. It’ll wake you up and get your heart pumping. And if you are unable to go out in the morning, due to work or childcare commitments, then why not utilize your home? Run up the stairs or do sit-ups on your bedroom floor. A form of exercise in the morning will start your day off nicely.

Skip the Morning Shower

We aren’t telling you to stay dirty. Instead, it’s been shown that showering at night-time is far more beneficial for you. So for example, it improves your skin health because you’re getting off all the dirt that’s accumulated during the day before you go to sleep.

Eating the Right Breakfast

Breakfast is important, but overloading on carbs, fat, and sugar are not apart of a fit woman’s lifestyle. There are other options that will satisfy your morning hunger. Fruit and natural yogurt smoothies are a great way to go so you can fill your stomach and keep your body happy and healthy.

Stretch Your Body

To get their day off to the right start, fit women will stretch their limbs to shake off the cramps that sleep can cause. This will also enable them to ensure correct posture so their workouts are more effective. You can easily find instructions of morning stretches online.

Get Rid of the Worst First

In any aspect of life, things become easier once the worst part is out of the way. This can be the same for your fitness. If you want to do exercise, then you may find it helpful to get your least favorite workout over and done with first. This way, you can go on to enjoy the rest knowing that the most dreaded part is out of the way.

Let the Light In

Some of the least thought of habits of fit women are also the easiest. Open your curtains early in the morning to allow natural light in. This will aid in better sleep that night, help you wake up faster, and give you much-needed Vitamin D.

Make Time for Mental Fitness Too

While physical health is important, fit women know there also needs to be a balance with good mental health. Simply doing breathing exercises can both help relax the body and put you into a better mental state, so that your workouts seem much more manageable. After all, the more positive you feel, the more likely you are to accomplish your goals.

Get Enough Sleep or Rest

How can this be a morning habit? Simple! If you have the time and feel exhausted, it’s okay to allow yourself a 20-minute nap (as this is most effective). This way, you have more energy to take on the day!

So, there you have it. With these 10 tips, you’ll find yourself feeling better each morning and be able to increase your fitness levels too. With all of them being relatively simple, it will be easy to make the time needed for each one.

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