10 Lists That Will Save You Money at the Store

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Everybody loves a deal, but they don’t always know how to find one. Sure there’s that sale that’s going on, but they also mark up the prices so high that the extra 15% off doesn’t amount to much.

But then there’s The Krazy Coupon Lady, a blog that’s dedicated to giving the insider’s scoop on the best deals and savings to take advantage of. It’s almost like going into a store with a cheat sheet.. seriously.

I’m in love with all of their great tips, they really do give you awesome valuable content. They take the time to go into stores and report back to us how we can save the most money.  In fact, they’re probably my go-to when it comes to saving tips and that’s why I want to share their posts with you. I really do love finding great content for my readers and these posts really don’t disappoint.

So check out some of their best guides to saving money at the stores you know and love!

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15+ shopping secrets Target

Probably my most favorite department store with items I can actually afford, but aren’t too cheap in quality. So you might be able to guess how happy I was when I found these two hack guides to saving money at Target.

A few quick examples include:

Target allows you to use at least 2 coupons per item.

You can stack your savings by using 2 manufactured coupons, a Target coupon, a BOGO promo (in store deals), a Cartwheel Discount (their savings app), and a rebate app (an app that will give you money back on your purchases).

You can take a rain check which will entitle you to a sale price on all out of stock merchandise for 45 days.

Read the rest of these Target saving hacks here!

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And Next We Have for Target…

17 Target

They’re basically the same, but with a few variations. Here a  few of the hacks…

You can go on certain days to get the best savings. So..

Mondays: girls, boys, infants, and electronics

Tuesdays: women and juniors

Wednesdays: Mens, food, stationery, health products, and laundry

Thursdays: Sleepwear, athletics, shoes, and housewares

If you look at the top right corner of a clearance tag, you’ll see a number (like 30), which will show you how much you’re getting off an item.

Check out more of their hacks here!


19 costco

Costco can get pretty addictive, but when you pair it with savings and tips like these, the addiction can get so much worse.

Now these are deals you can’t find anywhere else. Deals like..

Vanilla extract for 62 cents per ounce

A pair of Nutella for 17.9 cents per ounce

A year’s worth of cooking spray for 17.7 cents an ounce

And the list goes on! Check out the rest of their Costco deals here!

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Now here are some more Costco saving hacks!

12 Costco

You can stack your Costco coupon with the Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps (both rebate apps).

You can save money with your ink cartridge and get it refilled at Costco for only $7.49.

Check out more of their Costco saving tips here!



Now Wal Mart may not be everyone’s favorite, but they do have some pretty great savings. Pair it with some saving hacks and you’ve got a great deal!

If you have a coupon that’s worth more than the product you’re buying, they’ll pay you back or roll over the savings to the next item that’s being checked out.

Walmart will accept competitor’s coupons with a specific price (so instead of 25% off, it has to say “Vegetable oil for only $1”).

Check out more Walmart savings tips here!



Like shopping at gap for some nice clothes? Well now you have some ideas on how to get a better savings when going there! Ideas like…

Looking out for their signature 40% storewide sale every 6-8 weeks. They last around 3-4 days and coincide with holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, etc.

Gap markdowns happens every mid-week.

Wait 3 weeks for a newly stocked item’s price to drop.

Check out more detailed hacks on how to save big at Gap here!

T.J. Maxx

tj maxx

As a store that takes in items at a super marked down rate, T.J. Maxx is a great place to shop. But it gets even better when you apply saving hacks when going there. Hacks like…

Shopping on Wednesday mornings when the markdowns happen and the shopping is the quietest.

Yellow price tags indicate a final markdown.

You can get the same luxury good that Macy’s and Nordstrom have for a much lower price. So if you’re a purse girl, you can get a Michael Kors bag for $199 instead of $358 at Macy’s.

Take a look at the other awesome price cutting hacks here!



Now Starbucks may be a coffee shop, but I thought I’d include it since many of us love going there. So take advantage of deals like…

One drink in 12 being free with the Starbucks app. And if you drink it everyday on your way to work, then it’s worth it.

Ask for a larger cup than the size you order. Then they won’t take out extra coffee to leave room for cream and you can put in as much half n half as you want (gives you a size bigger drink for less).

There’s a .50 refill for any tea or drip coffee.

Check out the rest of the Starbucks saving hacks here!

Victoria’s Secret

victoria's secret

Sometimes it’s great to indulge in things that aren’t necessities.. and lingerie would be one of them. So try some of these hacks like..

Getting a monthly freebie when you subscribe to their catalogue. Freebies like a free birthday reward, a $15 bra, or even free panties.

You can ask for up to $500 in free gift cards twice a year during their “Secret Rewards” promotion that goes on for one month. But it gets even better; read more on Victoria’s Secret saving hacks here!



Now I don’t normally shop at Kohl’s due to the fact that they’re a bit expensive, but maybe deals like these will get me in there more often…

During the store’s Kohl’s Cash period, you can get $10 in Kohl’s Cash with purchases (before tax) over $48 (they say $50, but $48 is the actual price).

3PM Friday to 1PM Saturday is happy hour for shopping where you can get 10-25% off in store and online. You can see these markdowns being announced 1-2 times a month in your paper or online.

Check out more Kohl’s saving tips here!


Dollar Tree

dollar tree

Dollar tree is a great place to get household necessities and even get supplies for cool DIY projects. And it turns out that things like fresh bread, medicine, makeup, pet treats and supplies, and cleaning supplies are all things you can get at the Dollar Tree for a seriously reduced price.

Check out more Dollar Tree items you should get here!

18 Shocking Things You Should Always Buy at Drug Stores

drug stores

Now whether you shop at CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, there are some great things you should get from these drug stores. Things like, laundry detergents (which have frequent sales), Milk at CVS (which is pretty darn cheap), and baking products at Walgreens.

Check out more great items to get from these drug stores here!



Now I don’t know about you, but I love knowing when I’m getting a great deal. And the Krazy Coupon Lady has definitely come to my aid. I hate paying full price when I know I could be getting it for less (as many of us do).

Now if you have your own money saving hacks and tips for certain stores, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

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  2. Please add me too! I use SavingStar. It’s a website as well as an app. You just check off coupons you want and when you purchase one of the items, it will pay you the amount of the coupon. When you reach $5, you can transfer it to your bank, PayPal or other choices. I’ve gotten back $250 in the past year. Also, you can combine it with paper coupons as well as digital coupons.

  3. Walmart app gives you money back if an item you bought (and scanned from your receipt) is found to be less within a weeks time and puts it in an acvount you set up through your app. Ive gotten back arounf $60 so far!

  4. Can you put me on your mailing list please? Also on the subject of couponing. Your local Walmart has decided to make it almost impossible to do it here. We used to be able to compare shop from compedater and then use coupons. But now they wont let you compare shop. They got mad because there scores where going down on time. So please always check with stores. Some are real jerks.


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