10 Lesser Known Habits of People Who Live Frugally

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Living cheaply is a matter of choice and also a good way to sustain the environment. And if you’re looking for some ways to cut back on your expenses and cut down on waste, then definitely check out these tips. They’ll really help you out!

Buy Used 

To live cheaply, you’ll need to buy used items that are in good condition. That way you can easily save money, but still, get exactly what you want. Trust me, people aren’t going to notice if you have a home appliance that’s a couple of years old, and if they do, they probably won’t care.

Rent, Don’t Buy

You can rent items that you need to use for a short time rather than buying them. This helps you to save a lot. And when you do this, you’re avoiding “keeping up with the Joneses,” which is something many people do and this keeps them behind on their finances.

Know What Days to Shop

Always find the best price for the most expensive goods at certain times of the week. It is believed that retailers tend to give discounts early in the week. This is a very good saving strategy that most frugal people actually use. 

Every Penny Counts

Always practice budgeting and teach your family to make every penny count. Frugal people are always thinking about whether their money will increase in the next ten to twenty years, so they prioritize their budget, try to rely on less than they make, and save, save, save.

Avoid Over Spending

When going shopping, don’t shop to please yourself now but shop to please your future self. Spend on goods that make you save big, and avoid goods that are unnecessary or cost more than they should.


Let every penny count, save every day. You can’t live cheaply if you don’t have the habit of saving. And the best way to do this is to take cash with you when going out (and only cash!). That way you can see how much money you’re spending and have a limit.

Have an Emergency Fund

Always have cash ready for a rainy day. Frugal people are always cautious of what might happen tomorrow. No one wants to feel helpless if an emergency pops up, so you’ll need to save at least $1,000 in case something happens.


To live cheaply, you need to enjoy staying at home. Make your home comfortable, and find fun activities to do so that you can save money and actually afford that vacation to Hawaii.

Make Your Meals at Home

People who live cheaply rarely go to restaurants because they’d rather cook their healthy meals at home and save money for other things. Eating outside has been found to be one of the main sources of excessive spending.

In summary, you’ll have to remember that while habits aren’t always the easiest to form, they’re extremely important for getting ahead in life. And if you’re determined, focused, and committed, then you’ll definitely make progress in saving money.

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