10 Jobs That Will Let You Work from Home in Your Pajamas

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The advancement of the internet has actually transformed the method some individuals use in earning a living. The web’s rise in popularity has produced countless new chances for net-savvy people to earn money without getting out of their comfort zones.

In fact, there are several internet sites that were set up just for the objective of helping individuals to try to find the most effective home jobs that can be discovered online. If you are searching for a less difficult life and also wanting to invest even more time into your household, then below are 10 jobs that will help you work from home. Let me know what you think!


Copywriting can involve anything from website copy to social media posts. And if this is something you might want to do, then definitely start out on sites like iWriter.com and start compiling a portfolio of your work for future clients and gaining skills. It’s a great way to make a full-time income as you get more and more customers.

Virtual Assistant

Being an organized and friendly individual can definitely help you in becoming a virtual assistant. It’s a great online job that includes tasks like responding to emails, research, paperwork, and other tasks that you might be qualified to do.

Online Teacher

If you have a degree or a highly sought after skill, then you can create video classes on sites like Udemy with just your PC, a good quality camera, and a helpful topic. It’s a great way to share your knowledge while making a good income.


Working as a proofreader is a legitimate home job because you can make a great income and all you need is a computer and good internet. Working as a proofreader is great because all you have to do is to edit written content in the time frame given to you by your employer.

But I would suggest taking grammar classes even if you feel that you are great at proofreading. These will sharpen your skills and make your more desirable for employers. A great place to start is Caitlin Pyle from Proofread Anywhere and her free workshop that will help you know if this is right for you.

Website Designer

Being a web designer, you can make a good full-time yearly income. If you have website design skills, then this is an excellent job to do from your home. However, if you don’t, you can take web design courses online and become skilled in months. Then you can simply offer your service on sites like upwork.com an start gaining clients.


Earning money from blogging takes patience. It mainly involves developing an audience, expanding your website, and discovering a means to monetize it. However, this can take months before a reasonable amount of income can be made. So if you like to write and find this exciting, then I would definitely start researching!

Online Counselor 

If you’re someone that is a certified therapist, then I would definitely consider this online job. There are sites like Talkspace that will allow you to sign up and promote your services to those in need of your help. If doing this from your own home sounds good to you, then I would check it out.

Voice-Over Artist

If you have a great voice, then I would hop onto sites like Fiverr.com and promote yourself. It just takes a bit of practice and confidence, and soon you can start gaining more and more clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to make income by recommending products online and making a commission when someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase (at no extra cost to the buyer).

Most of the time, affiliate marketers usually promote products on their own site. However, there are various ways to earn affiliate income by using sites like Pinterest to promote products.

Sites like Amazon, Share-a-Sale, and CJ Affiliates are great place to start looking.


Participating in internet surveys can be a simple way to make some additional cash (not full-time, but enough to help with groceries and some bills). A lot of survey websites are very easy to understand and want your viewpoint about some services and products. You can earn money either in cash or gift cards.

Great sites for this would be Ebates and SurveyJunkie.com (just be sure to look out for fake sites that require paid memberships to take surveys).

Whether it’s one or multiple of these awesome online jobs, you can find some amazing ways to create income from home. So if you’re looking for a new opportunity and to get out of the normal morning commute, then definitely try these out!


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