10 Cleaning Hacks That’ll Actually Keep Your Car Clutter Free

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Do you ever clean your car, and then it’s messy again just a couple days later? 

And you’re at the point where you kind of just want to set it on fire?

LOL Me too.

But thankfully there are some great ways to keep your car clean and organize (almost) permanently.

Like, I want your life to get easier and for things to be stress-free, so that’s why I wanna show you some helpful hacks that’ll make you think, “I probably have the cleanest car in this neighborhood” every time you get in it.

So check them. out and get rid of those annoying crumbs and wrappers and sticky gunk in the cup holder for good. 

You’ve got this. 💪 

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Brush Dirt and Grime Out Using a Toothbrush

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Removing dirt and grime between the seams is pretty easy if you’re using a toothbrush. Gently brush the dirt and you’ll have a mess-free car seat in a jiffy!

Get some toothbrushes here and save yourself the time of going to the store!

Use a Microfiber Mitt to Clean Your Car

You can easily find one here.

To have a lint-free and scratch free car washing experience, consider this microfiber mitt. It’s really handy and holds lots of water for cleaning your car.

Quick Note!

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Dust Your Vent with a Foam Craft Brush

Found from One Good Thing By Jillee

Car air vents can get pretty dusty over time, but those narrow slots make it tough to clean with just a rag. If you need some extra reach, you can make a small sponge brush soaked with some cleaner and that will take care of the job.

Clean Your Windshield and Car Windows with Baby Wipes

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Keep your windshield clean and clear by using baby wipes. One wipe surprisingly does a lot of work.

Fix Bad Smells in Your Car’s Air Conditioner with Lysol

Found from Car Reviews n Care

If you want to get rid of all the bad smell coming from your air conditioner, then try spraying a Lysol into the air flow inlet. This will make your ride both more pleasant and popular.

Condition Your Dashboard with Vaseline

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Vaseline works wonderfully at conditioning the dashboard and giving it a nice shine. It’s time-saving, effective and inexpensive.

Get some Vaseline here and save yourself the time of going to the store!

Make Sure You Clean Your Windshield’s Interior

You can easily find one here!

So you’re done cleaning your car’s outside, now let’s work on the interior. Improve your windshield visibility by using this microfiber glass wiper. It’s so much better to drive with a clear, undistracted view of everything.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on Your Seats Before Vacuuming

Found from Mom Deals

Step up your vacuuming technique with this humble yet super helpful hack. The baking soda can remove bad odors from your car carpets and upholstery.

Remove Car Stickers with a Hair Blower

Found from Cars

While removing stickers isn’t as easy as putting them on, this hack will make your work less tiresome and sticky. Goodbye unwanted stickers!

Keep Silicone Liners in Your Cup Holders

Found from One Good Thing by Jillee

Gunk and grime can easily get into your cup holders and nobody likes cleaning them out. But just using a couple of silicone liners can keep clean-up super fast and simple.

Who says that car cleaning would need tons of time and effort when there are plenty of hacks that can make it easier?  These tips are seriously time-saving and will help improve your in-car experience. So in your next cleaning session, try these tips and don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!

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38 thoughts on “10 Cleaning Hacks That’ll Actually Keep Your Car Clutter Free”

  1. I always keep foam brushes and paint brushes in my glove box. That way I can also do the same as when I’m waiting I get them out and clean away.

  2. I keep a washable rug in the either the trunk (for use) or on the back seats (van) when the kids jump in with wet bathing suits, or eating in the car it saves me work and time because I don’t have to clean off the spots on the seats and the seats don’t get stinky from the damp suits.

  3. Kids play slime that is like thick pads can be laid on the door components and pushed down in over the window switches and pulled up. Dirt and dust stick wonderfully to the slime and pulls up out of the cracks. You can wash and air dry when heavily soiled to use again.

  4. Its great to share all these tips around. i did some of those tips to my car. i do have a tips to share, use a glass or hard type like coasters paste on dashboard so you can use suction cup phone holder on it dashboard instead of too depending on windscreen.

  5. A Hair dryer also works if the plastic part of your bumper gets pushed in. Hold the hairdryer near the dented plastic and it will pop back out.

  6. I keep a small paintbrush in my glove box. When I am waiting in the car for something I pull it out and dust the vents, radio and small crevices.

  7. Thanks for the tips….this might sound crazy but I hate drying my SUV by the time I’m washing it in a lil tired. One day I came up with the idea of using my leave blower thinking like when you go to a car wash tunnel at the end…so I did the wind power worked awesome my big SUV was dry in minutes. It. will blow out the water in small places. Be careful don’t not too close.

  8. I have found the easiest way to clean my car is to first start with a leaf blower. I seriously open up all doors and turn a leaf blower on high. You would be amazed at how much stuff gets cleared out of the nooks and crannies. Makes the rest so much easier.

  9. Keeping a square of the candle wax cubes help your car smell amazing for a long time. I keep mine in a small glass jar. I’ve been doing this for a few years now

  10. I haven’t tried these hints yet but will but was thinking the canned air for computers might be great for cleaning vents etc in the car?

  11. Woww!! Awesome Cleaning hacks you have shared here. These are really very useful and helpful to clean your car in no time and easily. I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks a bunch for sharing this great post.

  12. Wonderful & relatively simple, if not ingenious, ways to keep up cars general clean up. Being disabled, I can actually visualize “car care” as an activity I can accomplish, rather than pay extra at the carwash.

  13. Vaseline will speed drying out think cooking oil in the sun. I use to use it and was told that after my dash starting cracking.


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