10 Brilliant Secrets of Stylish Women

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We all have at least one woman that we look up to with her seemingly effortless and always oh so put together look. And if you’re interested in how to be like her, then check out these clever tips put together from experts that will help you achieve that look every time.  


Definitely plan out your outfit the night before. Also plan to give yourself enough time to get ready. And while you’re at it, plan out your outfits for the whole week.  

Functional Undergarments

A perfectly polished and stylish look means no embarrassing panty lines or black bra straps hanging out of a white sleeveless shirt. Stylish women always choose undergarments that will shape them and compliment their overall look.

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type and knowing how to accentuate your best attributes are definitely one of the main rules of any stylish woman. This is one of the main reasons why they always look so great. They draw your eyes exactly to where they want you to look.  

Basics That Fit Well

Every woman needs a set of quality basics that fit like they were made for them. Ill-fitting clothes give a sloppy look. For that well-polished look, it’s more about quality basics that are paired and accessorized well. Accessorize

Of course, always accessorize but make sure you accessorize right. Aim to pick one main accessory. Look to the cut of what you are wearing to inspire what accessory you choose. Use your accessory to add a pop of color or to tie your whole outfit together. One secret of the stylish is they don’t cheap out on accessories. Go for fewer nicer accessories rather than tons of cheap accessories.  

Hair and Makeup Smart  

It’s not just the clothes, it’s the hair and makeup too that give them that chic, stylish, all put together look. Minimalism and effortless looking natural is the key. The goal should be to highlight your features, not bury them under layers of makeup. So learn a few simple hair and makeup styles that look good with your hair and face type and highlight their natural character.

A few pro’s point out that most of the stylish women we idolize don’t follow trends, they go with their own look and highlight their natural beauty. One exception though is red lipstick. Red lipstick in a tone that suits your skin color is always a good idea.

Dress for the Weather and the Occasion  

This might sound obvious yet some seem to miss the memo. Dressing sensibly is definitely a must for stylish women. One key to this is layering. Not only does layering add a stylish look but its extremely functional.

Also, when it comes to dressing for the occasional, always aim for more overdressed than underdressed. It is better to be a bit overdressed than a bit under and feel self-conscious about how your outfit looks.  

Take Proper Care of Your Clothes

Keep your clothes looking nice and help them last longer. Separate them and wash them according to their labels. Fold them and hang them appropriately after or in between washes. Also, never lounge around in your nice “outside” clothes. Just another reason why those stylish women always look so polished and great; their clothes are well taken care of and it shows.

Always Carry a Fashion Emergency Kit

Everyone has a mishap occasionally, from a spilled coffee to a tear or a blister. So keep a kit with stain treatments, safety pins, bandaids, a sewing kit, other essentials, and maybe even a light scarf and your favorite shade of red lipstick. You will be prepared for almost anything.

Do Not Impulsively Shop

Another trick of the stylish is usually that their closets aren’t jam packed full of every bargain they ever came across. They save and they wait to get those quality pieces that will fit in perfectly with their other quality pieces in their closet.  

It’s not always easy to stay on top of the latest trends, but if you can learn the best classic looks and tips and ideas from stylish women, then you’re all set to go.

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