10 Apps to Save You Time and Sanity the Next Time You Travel

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It’s not surprising that we travelers love apps, especially for  the convenience and great help it provides while on the road. Whether you want to go eat out but make sure where you’re going is the best… or check out that gallery that’s running a new exhibit by your favorite artist… maybe there’s a particular jogging route you want to cover within the next few days after you reach your destination? All of them are on these high-tech apps whenever you need them.

Down below, I found some awesome apps  that will help you save time, stress, money and sanity on your next travel. So, before you pack your things and see the world, download these and tell me what you think.


Found from I am Aileen

Looking for an app to keep all your itineraries in one place? Then it’s a must that you should have this app. It’s so convenient and helpful for keeping things organized in one place!  It also allows you to share your travel plans and sync them to your calendar.


Found from Travel or Die Trying

This is one of the most useful mapping and navigation apps that I’ve found, particularly for international travel.What I love is that it works offline, with just the GPS signal of your phone. If you don’t have this app, then you must download it before your next adventure!  

Google Trips

Found from Travel or Die Trying

This app is like a personalized tour guide in your pocket.  It’s intended to provide a full range of information about interesting places, attractions, transport, hotels, restaurants and everything else that you may need on the go. You can  customize your own daily adventure using it.

TripAdvisor City Guides

Found from I am Aileen

I’ve been using this app for a very long time and really recommend it for your next trip.  Whether you’re looking for  restaurants, places to stay, things to do, this simple app has got it all. Add the fact that you can even read reviews, tips, and photos from worldwide contributors, you’re sure to find something worthwhile.


Airbnb has completely changed the way I travel. The service allows you to rent space in locals’ homes (whether a room or the entire place) at affordable rates. This is a must for budget travelers like us.

Rome 2 Rio

Found from I am Aileen

This tool helps you figure out how to get from point A to point B, wherever that is, by laying out your options for you.   It can be a really helpful springboard as you research what options will fit your budget and your needs. It covers planes, trains, buses, ferries and driving options with estimated travel time and fare.


Sky Scanner

Found from Dan Flying Solo

When looking for flights, Skyscanner is amazing for flexible searches. I love their “Everywhere” function, it allows you to find the cheapest flights from where you are, and also their ‘organize by month’ function, which shows you the cheapest fares on a calendar so you can figure out and take advantage of the cheapest times to fly.

Google Translate

Found from Live Shop Travel

Sometimes when overseas, it’s really helpful to have a couple language apps on hand.  This has saved me more than once when I need to find a bathroom!

Speak & Translate

Although Speak & Translate isn’t free ($20), it’s still a highly recommended app when it comes to translation. We have it and are seriously happy with it. Just simply tap on the American flag icon (for English), speak into the phone, and the app will quickly translate and speak it back to the person you’re trying to interact with. Pretty cool right?


Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

This is another restaurant review website to help you catch some of those gems you want to visit.  They also can get you discounts so even better!

While there are zillions of travel apps out there, these 10 travel apps I’ve discovered are pretty high up there. They’ll help you save time and money, keep you organized and enhance your travel experience! So don’t forget them to download before your next adventure.

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  1. We use an app called Simply Declare for figuring out what we have bought and have to declare when we get back to the states. It saves us a bunch of time and our customs agents are impressed we actually know what we spent to the penny. We downloaded the free version and needed more currencies so we upgraded to the full blown paid version and very pleased with the app.


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