10 Amazing Travel Instagrammers That'll Feed Your Wanderlust

Written by Grace & Silas

I’m a very particular person about who I follow on Instagram. I don’t like seeing my feed cluttered with uninspiring stuff (ya know, pictures of tea that’ll help you lose 20Ib. in a week). Basically we’re blood relatives if I’m following you or you’re beyond awesome and we don’t know each other.  That being said, here’s a list of our favorite beyond awesome travel Instagram accounts to follow, along with a bonus one at the end!

Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann’s Instagram

Murad and his wife are seriously charming.  Ever since finding them, I’ve been a follower and happy to see whenever they post.  Their photos are always fun and inspire me to travel to amazing destinations.  Here are some of my favorites from his accounts.

They also have an amazing YouTube channel you need to check out.  Here’s my favorite of their videos.

Oliver Vegas

Oliver Vegas’ Intagram

Oliver’s shots are full of vibrant colors, awesome landscapes, and charming moments in time.  Expect to see shots that communicate an obviously high level of talent.  Without trying to sound cheesy – lots of his work is magical.  You’ll find no shortage of nature shots and adventure pics.  You can tell that he has a love of nature and an awe of the world around him; it just comes through.


Gabriela’s Instagram

Gabriela’s shots circle the globe and show lots of wonderful architecture the world over.  Even when she photographs a well-known landmark that’s been shot a thousand times too many, she finds a way to make it fresh.  You’ll appreciate her originality.

Bucketlist Journey

Annette White’s Instagram

Annette offers the awesome shots you’d expect out of any high-level instagrammer – great landscapes, great cityscapes, wonderful people, and great moments in time.  But she also lets her sense of humor and her personality shine through in a way that makes viewers feel like they know her and they’re along for the ride, wherever the ride might be.

Anna Everywhere

Anna’s Instagram

A full-time traveler for over 10 years, Anna features lots of variety in her shots of all over the world.  Her style is idyllic, bright, fun, and creative. Once again, we see a traveler willing to get into the shot often enough that over time you feel like you know her and you’re traveling along.  

Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones’ Instagram

Exotic locales, good themes, solid content, mesmerizing location shots, Rachel’s good at capturing the places she goes in a way that makes it feel like you’re with her.  You’ll enjoy her talented photography.

Paulo Del Valle

Paulo del Valle’s Instagram

Paulo is one my favorites and his pics are always sharp with a strong, yet bright, airy style.  He brings a certain glamour to his shots.  Even things we’re familiar with from Southern California look different when he shoots them because he does it that well.  Awesome variety of shots and locations; you’re going to love him.

Nicanor Garcia

Nicanor Garcia’s Instagram

Nicanor Garcia’s Insta features lots of distance shots and architecture.  She has a talent for urban settings and being able to very accurately and artistically show perspective and scale.  Her shots have a unique artistic quality that’s hard to put your finger on but easy to appreciate.  You’ll like her work.

Kael Rebick

Kael Rebick’s Instagram

The next photographer is one of Grace’s favorites.  Her work has a unique sense of personality and mood, according to Grace “she puts the wonder in wanderlust.”  She’s good at capturing nature and seasons.  Expect to see a combination of both nature and city shots in her work.

Expert Vagabond

Matt’s Instagram

Matt’s shots include lots of epic landscapes, adventure pics and cool shots of people and animals.  His talent is obvious and his ability to keep constantly moving means that as you scroll through his feed you’ll see an eye-popping variety of places to go, adventures to be had, people to meet, and things to do.  It’s a great way to keep inspired.


Chasing Foxes

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