7 Very Helpful Habits All Gardeners Should Know About

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Gardening habits can be great to get into whether you have plants on a window ledge or a large garden with an abundance of space. And these habits will aid you in gardening and turning it into an enjoyable hobby. So check them out!

Make a Plan

Rather than planting spontaneously and without thought, good gardeners know they should plan what they plant to optimize for space, light, and soil conditions.

Use Planters

Rather than overfilling your garden beds and cramping or suffocating your plants, it may be good to use hanging planters or pots to maximize your space and give plants the adequate space they need to grow.

Optimize Window Space

Window herb gardens, flowerpots, and small vegetable patches can look chic and make the most of the sunlight and space.

Use Compost

Rather than simply using dirt, make sure you use proper compost. This will give your plants the correct nutrition alongside the water you give them. It will also aid in preventing fungus and disease that could kill your plants.

Use Borders

To ensure plants or grass don’t overgrow the sections of the garden that you want them in, it can be worthwhile having borders in your garden. These don’t have to be large or elaborate. They just need to suffice to ensure your plants don’t spill over onto pathways or a lawn.

Avoid Pesticides

Forget the argument between organic and synthetic, it is better to sort out the root cause of any issue. Find out what is causing infestations and put a stop to it. Any kind of pesticide can harm your plants and leave residue on your home-grown food. So it’s best to figure this out quickly.

Keep Watch

I know it should go without saying, but once you have created your garden, you can’t just ignore it until the next time you feel like checking into it. Instead, keep an eye out for weeds, disease, or any other issues so they can be treated immediately, rather than waiting for the problem to become unmanageable.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better about it now, rather than later when you’re working to bring back your plants from the dead.

Following these habits can ensure that your garden is kept healthy and in optimum condition without causing you too much work. So go ahead and give some of these a try and see how it goes! I’m sure they’ll help. 🙂


Silas & Grace

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