12 Evening Habits Fit Women Always Do

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While we know the habits that fit girls have throughout the day, there are still some great habits they have in the evening as well. And if you’re curious and would like to implement some good evening habits yourself, then definitely check these out and let us know what you think!

Have a Skincare Routine

Being fit involves an element of self-care overall. Remove any makeup and cleanse your skin to ensure your pores aren’t blocked. This is particularly important if you enjoy exercise, since excess sweat can affect your pores.

Drink Water Two Hours Before Bed

Drinking water too close to bedtime can negatively impact you due to breaking the sleep cycle. And because of this, many fit women will know that drinking at least two hours before bed, and no more, will help them stay hydrated and healthy without risking any negative effects.

Using Appropriate Late-Night Snacks

Not all snacks are suitable for the evening, particularly before you sleep. But snacks, such as natural Greek yogurt, are more likely to aid with sleep and stop you from feeling hungry before you go to bed. Researching what is best for your body late at night can greatly benefit your fitness and health overall.

Drink Milk Directly Before Bed

While water before bed may negatively impact you, it has been found that milk can assist you. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid which aids with sleeping, so this will definitely benefit you. And for those of you who follow a vegan or dairy-free diet, almond or coconut milk will have a similar effect without the lactose or use of animal products.


Evening exercise can be a staple for fit woman. There are a variety of benefits, including gaining more sleep and swapping unhealthy nights out for fitness. Plus, there are less time limits to exercising in the evening, as opposed to trying to fit your regime in before work. HOWEVER, make sure to research the best before bedtime workouts. Certain exercises, before bed, can keep you from falling asleep sooner.


It’s been shown that having a warm shower, about 90 minutes before bed can actually improve your sleep, leading you to feeling more energized in the morning. Great for a full day ahead!

Try Focusing in the Evening

While fitness is generally seen as physical, one must also ensure they are mentally healthy. So taking time to stop and  focus on something positive in the evening, helps you to keep calm and reduce your stress levels (which can make you gain weight).

Figure Out the Sleep Your Body Needs

All people have different sleeping patterns and need varying amounts of sleep per night. And using a sleep calculator can enable you to figure out how much sleep benefits you the most to wake up feeling refreshed. Then you will know when it’s time to hit the hay.

Limit Screen Time

For extra rest and general wellbeing, it is important to not use screens before bed, whether this is from a computer, television, or smartphone. PLUS, less sleep makes you gain more weight.

Reading Before Bed

As mentioned previously, fitness is both about physical and mental wellbeing. Reading before bed can still give you relaxation and enjoyment, without the aforementioned issues caused by screens. You will also improve your memory and, particularly with non-fiction, improve your educational levels.

And for those who aren’t keen on reading, perhaps give it a shot or keep it short (or listen to an audiobook!). Either way, you will benefit from this.

Planning a Post-Dinner Walk

Any woman who wants to retain fitness will understand the importance of a short walk following dinner. And it’s been known for a while now that fifteen minutes walking out and about can aid with digestion, as well as improve blood sugar levels.

Spend Time With Your Family

While not an obvious one, spending time with your loved ones has been proven to have an impact on the length of your life, as well as reinforcing positive habits. And due to school and work commitments, what better time is there for this than in the evening? 

Fit girls don’t just do things that are good for their body at night, they do things that will set themselves up mentally for a good day when they wake up in the morning. So try these great night habits out yourself and let us know how you feel!

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  1. I never thought about showering before bed as a way to help promote better sleep. After a long day of, it’s always hard for me to fall asleep. I get stressed about the next day, but I have been trying your shower tip and I have felt amazing the last few days. Thanks for some great suggestions


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