The Indian Food Bucket List: 10 Authentic Indian Recipes

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If you’re someone who’s addicted to flavor and spices, then this Indian food bucket list is your guide to having better food all week long. 👌 

Also, yes, Indian cuisine is incredible, but when you have authentic Indian food, I’m going to imagine, it takes it to a whole new level.

So if you also want that authentic flavor, then definitely put these on your bucket list for when you do visit India, or try them at home! 🙂

Khasta Bedai

A crispy stuffed bread that you can get at street vendors in the evening or eat for breakfast. And if you’re craving carby-goodness with savory fillings, then I think this is the perfect Indian recipe for you. 👍 

Khasta Bedai Recipe

Dubki Wale Aloo

If you love potatoes like me, then I think this should probably be on your list of foods to try this week.

It’s also packed with a LOT of herbs, fresh ingredients, and spices. So while it might be quite a bit of work, I think the end flavors will be incredible and worth it.

Recipe Link

Peerkangai Kootu

This is the kind of comforting dish you’d have on a cold evening (or morning if you want!).

With yellow moong dal (which is a type of legume), turmeric, chilis, and so many other flavorful ingredients, I think it’s well worth your time.

Also, it’s so colorful and beautiful, can’t you just imagine setting that down in front of everyone? 

Peerkangai Kootu

North Indian Arhar Dal Tadka (Toor Dal)

I would definitely make a hot bowl of rice and top it with this authentic Indian dish.

With toor dal (a type of pea), garlic, cinnamon, chilis, lemon, and so many other flavors, it’s a great one to put on your meal plan this week!

Arhar Dal Tadka Recipe

Garbanzo Beans Ki Sabji

I like garbanzo beans, or also called chickpeas. 

Also, it’s a great side to make if you want something healthy but flavorful. 

And being packed with ingredients like cardamom, coriander, and garam masala, you won’t be missing out on taste.

Garbanzo Beans Ki Sabji Recipe

Chicken Korma

Chicken korma is a classic for many of us, and if you’re wanting the authentic recipe (or one of the authentic recipes) for this Indian dish, then this is a great place to start.

With yogurt, garlic, cardamom, and chilis, this will pair perfect with some flat bread!

Chicken Korma Recipe

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

This is super creamy delicious comfort food that I think you need to make tonight… or at least this week.

Also, it’s topped with crispy onion fritters, so I really don’t think you need any more explanation for a recipe like this!

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Masoor Dal Tadka

If you want a flavorful lentil dish that’s topped with crispy oil, then you need to make this and pile it into a bowl.

I feel like this would be the kind of dish you would start making and when your family got home, they would be hit with a wall of incredible smells!

Masoor Dal Tadka

Chapatis (Whole-Wheat Indian Flatbreads)

Flat bread is probably one of the best creations ever.

It almost always has incredible flavors, it’s soft, and there’s just something about topping it with creamy, tangy, or sweet dishes.

And this Indian flat bread will probably go great with a lot of recipes!

Chapatis Recipe

Almond Halwa with Almond Flour

Almond Halwa Recipe

With cardamom and saffron, this kind of feels like a luxurious dessert you’d get at a really nice restaurant.

Also, it looks so sweet and refreshing, I could see myself making this at home!

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