How to Get an Oil Stain Out of Clothing Naturally: 2 Effective Methods

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If you want to take good care of your clothing and help it to last a lot longer, then I think that’s amazing!

It’s so easy to just throw something away if we get a stain on our clothes and don’t know how to get it out. But thankfully, there are SO many ways to get things like an oil stain out of fabric.

And I’m here’s to give you just a couple of ideas so that you can keep your clothing around a lot longer. 🙂

1. Baby Powder

It’s simple, but affective.

If you have an oil stain (with no color), lay that piece of clothing in a place it won’t be moved. Then put some baby powder on top and let it sit for a day or two (or longer if need be).

I’ve done this before and the baby powder will help it to absorb out of the fabric.

Just make sure to put a piece of paper or fabric in between the layers of clothing so that the oil doesn’t soak through to the other side.

2. Dish Soap and Hot Water

I’ve also used this one many times to get an oil stain out.

Wet the stain with some hot water, then take dish soap on the spots and start rubbing the area with your thumb.

You can also work the soap in there more and create a scrubbing affect by carefully using your nail.

Then after about 30-40 seconds of doing this (or longer if need be), finish it off by rinsing the soap out with hot water and leave it to dry.

And that’s it! Now if the stains do persist, then I think it’s a good idea to rinse and repeat the process (no pun intended).

It doesn’t have to be a super long task that takes multiple washings. Just give these two methods a try and see how easy it is to take care of your clothing. 🙂


Silas & Grace

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