25 Bedroom Design Ideas That'll Level Up Your Home

Written by Grace & Silas

This bedroom design combines elements of a modern interior with a touch of elegance. The gray tones provide a feeling of comfort while the chandelier and bedroom images add a touch of sophistication. The bedroom couch makes the entire room not just a place to sleep but also to relax in quiet comfort.

Speaking of modern, our next bedroom oozes symmetry and order. The blue tones provide a feeling of calmness and serenity. The indoor plant brings in a bit of nature’s calm to the bedroom. The walls have well-proportioned images that are neatly arranged to add to the order. Lastly is the large window that lets in plenty of natural light.

Nothing puts you in a great mood to start your day quite like the sun’s rays filling your bedroom in the morning. Our next bedroom features a huge window for plenty of natural light. Simplicity is the name of the game with few features which can help clear your mind. The wooden furniture and large indoor plant make for a cozy room.

Few things shout elegance quite like white and gray on the walls. In our image above, the bedroom is predominantly white with brightly painted walls and white bedsheets. A jaguar print to break the monotony but just enough to retain the elegance of the entire room.

A mixture of bohemian and minimalist is what we see in our next bedroom. Large open spaces mean that the room feels less busy making it a pleasant place to relax. Indoor plants not only add color but also style. The large window simply opens up the space making it look larger while also letting in plenty of natural light.

This bedroom brings in rustic elements and a bit of midcentury interior design. While the room looks dark, it also offers a cozy feeling prompting anyone to get a shut-eye. The industrial-style lamps add to the fascinating décor of the bedroom providing just enough light and adding plenty of style to the room.

Rustic is what first comes to mind with this room. The natural materials used contrast with the bright sheets and walls making for an exciting and calming place to spend your evening. The interior house plant adds to the style and brings in a bit of life to the room all while maintaining that minimalist feel.

A room for the kids characterized by soothing light blue walls and shades, large windows to let in plenty of light, and a green plant to break the monotony. It makes for a comfy place for the kids to hang out. The large space at the front means that kids can spend a lot of their time here.

With our next bedroom, you get a feel of being close to the ocean with large windows to let in the ocean breeze. A fan will help keep you cool. Bright sheets surrounding the bed make for a serene feel. To break off the monotony is a plant that also adds a tinge of color.

We take rustic interior design to a whole new level by emphasizing the natural elements. The bed, picture frame, cabinet, and bookshelf all boast wooden designs. The floor is also wooden. You get a sense of simplicity with the red and grey color sheets that add contrast. This bedroom evokes feelings of comfort and safety.

While light is always welcome in the bedroom, sometimes you can utilize a dark room well to achieve a stylish and inviting place to sleep. So is the case with the bedroom above. Long sheets add to the elegance while the lamp adds style. The limited lighting puts one in the mood for a comfy sleep.

If you prefer the modern design, then you may want to draw inspiration from our next bedroom. Here we find a use of smooth, straight lines, minimalism, bright sheets and walls, and plenty of natural lighting. House plants to add a natural feel to the bedroom atmosphere.

If you have limited space, you could still utilize it and make the bedroom accommodate more than one person. This bedroom has a mix of modern and rustic interior design with wooden elements and well-cut-out lines. The style moves away from the norm by adding a bit of imagination to the design of the beds.

We see a lot of bohemian elements in the bedroom. The basket and the wooden bookshelf contrast with the walls and the bedsheets. This offers a chance to showcase your interest. Above we see a map, guitar, and perhaps a music collection which may imply that the owner loves to travel and loves music.

This mid-century bedroom design still holds its ground in the modern age. While there is little natural light and the walls and accents are dark, it still manages to offer a full of warmth and coziness. A comfortable chair and a big bed add to the appeal of the room.

Simple and rustic is what comes to mind when you see the double beds and the white walls. There are very few features that make the bedroom appear minimal and less busy. The twin beds make for an interesting combination and clever way to utilize space in a small room.

If you are one for a minimalist lifestyle, this one is for you. The bedroom only features the bed and a house plant. The room is not too big but the large window means you can expect plenty of natural light. This bedroom showcases an excellent way to utilize a small bedroom.

A perfect blend of both modern and contemporary, this bedroom shows off class, sophistication, and a bit of imaginative fun. You get a feel of creativity when you step into the bedroom. The night lamp, shelves, and bedside table all work in sync and come together to create an atmosphere where one can both relax and work.

This bedroom design can work perfectly when looking to achieve that industrial interior design. The metal bed and the lamps all work in sync. To create the perfect ambiance for a good night’s rest, the wooden bedside table contrasts perfectly with the walls.

If the industrial interior design is more your style you can find plenty of inspiration from the bedroom. Exposed walls, large windows, and large open spaces give you the perfect playgroup to play with your imagination. It offers a feeling of freedom and unrestricted space which you can use to express your personality.

Another great way to utilize a small space, this modern interior design bedroom features bright colors on the bed and walls. A few fixtures such as the bedside shelf add to the appeal. You get a feeling of simplicity and comfort. The lamps are also fixed to utilize and save on space.

This bedroom design oozes comfort and style. You get a bohemian vibe with plenty of indoor plants and lots of natural light. The design puts one in a happy and joyful mood. There is also a touch of simplicity and minimalism with the bed area utilized as storage space.

This design gives off a minimalist vibe with the bed being the main feature of the bedroom. White sheets and rustic floor gives the bedroom the perfect contrast. A great way to utilize an unused room in the house and turn it into a comfortable place to hang out and sleep.

Small spaces can often be turned into functional spaces as is well displayed by our next bedroom. Here the bedroom accommodates two while still cleverly utilizing space under the bottom bed as storage. Furthermore, the bottom bed can also serve as a couch turning the room into a living space.

A spice of modern interior décor. Here space is reserved for a bed next to a large window. Not only does the window let in maximum light, putting someone in an energetic mood when they wake up, it also offers a chance for some great views when the sun goes down.


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