9 Habits of Women Who Are Almost Always Happy

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Happiness doesn’t always seem the easiest to achieve. But there are women who seem to have it in their day-to-day life (not just special moments or occasions). And if you’re wondering how you can do the same so that you can improve your health and daily life, then definitely give these tips try!


Happy women know that one of the keys to happiness is the time they spend with others. It’s been found that socializing makes people happier. So, a woman who wants to bask in positive emotions will create a habit of spending time with others that she enjoys. Finding a good friend group, or even attending classes to learn something like dance, can really be beneficial to one’s mental health.

Helping Others

One of the secrets to being happy is helping and giving to others. By helping other people, you will find a sense of achievement in yourself, leading to your own happiness because you’re doing something good for others. This also coincides with the socializing habit, so it’s a win-win for you!

They Find More Time

Happy women want to make the most of their day. And to do so, they will wake up earlier in the morning so that they can have more time to take care of their mental and/or physical health. Also, they have more time to actually go after their passions and interests.


It doesn’t matter if you can hold a tune, or if you’re utterly tone deaf. Singing can actually release endorphins which helps make you feel happier. 

Make Time for Fun

It may sound childish, but happy women know that making time for fun is actually incredibly important for keeping themselves happy. Finding ways to have fun in your life also improves your ability to handle stress.

Cook More

Nope, this is not misogynistic. Cooking is a mindful activity that allows for creativity and an instant reward if you can then immediately eat what you’ve made. While the act of cooking is a great mood booster, the knowledge that you’ve succeeded in your task, had a delicious bite to eat, and potentially made others happy too, will all contribute to your emotional wellbeing.


One of the most well-known habits of a happy woman is to exercise. Most people know that exercise releases endorphins which creates happy feelings. So definitely work this into your schedule.

Look for the Good Things

Happy women make it a habit to look for the good things around them to keep a positive mindset. For example, if your first impression when you see a person is to dislike something about them, find anything (their shoes, their bag, their smile, etc.) that you do like about them and hold that thought. This way you will be able to see the good past the bad and leave yourself feeling better.

Hugging Their Family

Happy women know that a great way to keep or regain happiness is from affection. Hugging your parents, partner, or children will make both of you feel great. Feeling loved and cared for is the best way to put a smile on your face and will also show those around you how much you cherish them too.

You now have some great tools, so go live your life in pursuit of being happier and spreading it around too!

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