9 Easy to Remember Tips for When You’re Visiting Paris

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Many people dream of going to Paris. It truly is a beautiful and romantic place that will make your trip to Europe memorable. But there are some important things you should know before visiting this city. So here are some insider tips on what to expect, and what to do, when you’re in Paris.

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Don’t Go to Paris for Just the Weekend

When folks are touring a new country, they tend to only head for the biggest attractions, and all they see is crowds. If you take at least a week to see Paris, you’ll see a lot more than just people, and you can experience more local color and see what it’s like to live there.

Buy a Paris Pass

It’s much less expensive to travel in Paris using a Paris Pass. It can be used for all of the big attractions, and it saves a lot of money. You can go to the official website to buy a Paris Pass here.

Use the Metro System

The Metro is a faster way to get around town, and less expensive to use than a taxi (not to mention, you’ll stay out of traffic). If you use a taxi every time you travel somewhere inside of Paris, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

Don’t Buy the Pricey Water

Apparently, some French waiters attempt to make naive tourists fear Paris tap water. The tap water in Paris is just fine, so if your server tries to talk you into buying fancy bottled water, just say no. There are better ways to spend your money.

Learn Key French Words

It isn’t necessary to understand French before you visit. However, it could make your trip a lot easier if you learned common greetings such as, “bonjour” or “pardon,” when interacting with the locals.

Don’t Worry About Tipping

Paris’ tipping etiquette is different from America’s. Taxi drivers, servers, and other personal assistants don’t require gratuity. Feel free to round the bill up if the service is outstanding and save your money.

Spring May Be the Best Time to Visit Paris

Spring isn’t too hot or too cold, which makes it pleasant to see all the beautiful attractions of Paris. Also, summer is one of the worst times to visit because so many tourists are coming and going and it’s not a fun time to be walking around in the heat with crowds of people all around you.

Ask for a Check After Eating

Like most European countries, servers don’t give you the check on their own. That’s one reason why it’s important to know some dialogue, so you can ask for the check yourself. Otherwise, the server will continue to ignore you, thinking everything is fine.

Don’t Carry a Backpack

Wearing a backpack will out you automatically as a tourist, and can make you an easy target for theft. When a pick-pocketer sees you wearing a backpack, they know you’re vulnerable because you’re not from around there. So try wearing a satchel instead to blend in!

And there you have it! If you ever find yourself visiting Paris, remember these ten tips that will make your trip go more smoothly.

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