8 Things People with Clean Homes do Everyday

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Have you ever felt embarrassed by your messy house? If some unexpected guest comes over, how are you going to tackle your cluttered house?

So today we’re going to turn all your dreams of having a perfect home into a reality. We researched and found some simple daily habits of people with clean homes. These habits have helped people to achieve their goals, and their houses are close to perfect. But keep in mind the word “habit.” (This means you need to do this daily to make it permanent!)

So, embrace these 8 simple habits to get your home looking and feeling great.

1. Prep your bed.

Before leaving your bedroom in the morning or at least before leaving home, make your bed. If you’re in a hurry, pull your comforter and make it smooth. It’ll create order in the bedroom, and you can start your day on a productive note.

2. Your dishwasher should be emptied.

If you empty your dishwasher in the morning, it won’t stink up the kitchen. Also, this task can be done before bed so you’re starting afresh the next day.

3. There’s no laundry day.

Dirty piles become overwhelming. So, pop all your used clothes in the laundry basket each day. If you have a big family, you can do a load in the morning. If you live alone, you can choose alternate days to clean your clothes.

4. How to generally organize things.

Things are organized when they’re in the right place. (That’s my definition at least!) Organized things are easy to find and storing items in cute baskets can actually make your home look better too.

Of the items you don’t use often, put the little-to-medium sized objects in organizers/baskets and the bigger items on the top of shelves or wardrobes.

Items need their own homes, so don’t let something roam free. (Yes, even that TV remote!)

5. Keep things tidy.

If you open a new box, discard the packaging immediately after removing the contents. The same thing should be done for everything, even for messes and spills.

And do NOT horde. Be a little ruthless about removing things you hardly use. Have a used sauce jar you’ve cleaned out and are constantly waiting to use somehow? Recycle it.

6. Fold your clothes.

After have a busy and hectic day, we can’t wait to collapse into bed. But wait! Have you folded your clothes or at least hung them up? Tidy people always hang their clothes up no matter how tired they are. Not only will your clothes benefit in the long-term but it goes a LONG way into making a room look clean.

7. How to manage work.

You don’t have to be a multitasker to keep your work managed. Have you ever thought to clean your cutting board while something is boiling? Or, how about loading the dishwasher while you bake the chicken? It’ll not only save your time but also prevent you from being an inconsistent cleaner.

8. Make a daily plan.

If you plan for the next day, you can finish your work quickly. Simply choose your next day’s outfit the night before or review the cleaning products you’ll need to use for tomorrow’s cleaning task. You can jump into the job without giving it a second thought if you have a plan.

If you follow these simple 8 rules on a daily basis, you’ll definitely see the difference quickly. These rules look simple, but you have to make the effort to maintain them.

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  1. I love lists like this! I definitely don’t have a perfectly clean home but I’m working on it. I just read another article like this that already inspired me to spend this weekend cleaning, and now I have more tasks to add to my weekend (and every day!). I love the idea of doing a little bit of laundry every day, but I hate spending the whole day doing laundry but tath’s how ti always ends up.


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