8 Habits That’ll Help You Lose Weight Without Really Trying

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Losing weight can sometimes feel impossible. The hard workouts and complicated diets are not easy to follow. It requires a lot of commitment, effort, and most importantly, time. But thankfully there are plenty of ways to lose weight without really trying. So give these ideas a try and see how it goes!

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Food Journaling

For someone who loves writing, this is going to be a lot of fun. Food journaling is one of the best ways to understand how many calories you’re taking in and adjust accordingly.

Keep Out of the Fridge at Night

Don’t steal food from your fridge in the evening. Once you’re done with dinner, make sure you don’t eat any snacks afterward. Make your bedroom a place only for relaxing and sleeping, not eating.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of your day. It’ll help keep you from overeating and being tempted to indulge in junk food later on. So make sure to have a high protein breakfast to start the day off right.

A Reward System that Doesn’t Involve Food

There are many ways to reward yourself and if you’re looking to lose weight, then chocolate, pizza, burgers, or Chinese shouldn’t be your reward. Replace your connection with food and connect with other things like hanging out with friends, going to see a movie, etc. Celebrate every pound you lose but just without the food.

Increase Your Physical Activity

It’s hard to increase 10 minutes in your workout every day, but the solution to this is to walk five minutes more. So for example, you can get off the bus a stop earlier and walk to your house.

Healthy Eating Never Stops

Eating freely on the weekend can ruin all the hard work you did throughout the week. You may not be losing the weight you expected to lose by the end of the month with this habit. So make sure that even on weekend’s you don’t splurge on a TON of junk food.

Do Your Grocery Run with a Full Tummy

So this is something that a lot of people say, but I think it’s important to hammer home. Do NOT go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. It’s a great way to put a WHOLE lot of unhealthy food into your cart.

Don’t Watch Netflix or TV While Eating

Okay, this is a bad habit that we tend to indulge in a lot. Be mindful of what you’re eating and enjoy your meal fully. Chew properly and put your fork down between each bite. Savor your food. A lot of people have found that they eat more if they’re distracted with some form of entertainment.

It’s important to take some steps in losing weight no matter how big or small. And I’m positive that if you incorporate these small changes into your weight loss regime, you’ll be seeing effective results very soon.

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