8 Habits of People Who Are Able to Travel to Europe on a Budget

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There are many glamorous reasons to visit Europe – exciting adventures, scenic beaches, historic architecture, and beautiful art. All these have made Europe a dream vacation destination for many tourists. But it’s also sad that some people have only dreamed of visiting this continent, and the expense is the primary reason behind this.

Visiting Europe is very expensive and also challenging when on a tight budget. But, some travelers have taken it upon themselves to visit Europe on a dime, and show others how to do the same as well. So check out these habits and let us know what you think! 

They Visit Europe in the Offseason

A budget traveler chooses to visit Europe in the offseason (during winter or even spring) for a more local experience when hotels and other fantastic tourist centers are on a discount. This is much better than visiting during the summer when the whole city has become crowded with visitors and prices are at their peak.

Hang with the Locals

Instead of visiting and having drinks and food at upscale bars and restaurants, budget travelers will instead join the locals at places they like to congregate. They also visit local sports games to watch matches which are mostly cheap or free. And not to mention, they also attend fun local festivals!

They Get Around with Public Transportation Whenever Possible

Public transportation is known to be one of the best and cheapest ways to tour Europe. Also, it’s just a great way to see the countryside!

They Invest in a City Pass

Many European cities use package deals (city passes) to entice and attract tourists to spend their money and time there. These city passes may offer free public transportation, free entry into many museums, and other urban centers. Some even come along with a meal discount. 

Sleep on the Train and Save on Hotel Costs

Trains are an excellent way to travel around Europe compared to other parts of the world. Many budget travelers love to invest in nigh rail passes that save money and time. And for a little added fee, they can bed down for the night, though not all trains may offer this.

Book Early

It is usually the first action taken by budget travelers; they make sure all travel plans are secured by booking early. So make sure to list out everything you will need to pay for (plane tickets there, transportation around the country or around the continent in general, Airbnb, etc.)

Very Flexible

Being flexible is another crucial quality budget travelers don’t do without. Being flexible in decision making or with changing plans at the very last minute can save you a ton of money. So for example, this could mean you purchase a flight to Paris for $300 a few months out.

They Bring Food Along With Them

Budget travelers can be seen stuffing their bags and pockets with food while on the road! After shopping at the local market, they take their time to prepare themselves food at their hostel or Airbnb kitchen. This way, they have more money to spend on incredible day trips and other fun activities.

While Europe might be expensive, there are plenty of ways to see it on a budget! So try these ideas out on your trip and let us know how it goes!

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