7 Habits of People Who Don’t Gain Weight During the Holidays

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It’s typical to gain weight during the holidays, but convincing yourself by thinking you deserve to eat as much as you want because it’s a happy occasion, really isn’t going to help you. Remember that the fattening dishes you eat now won’t shed themselves after the holidays are over. Also, you do NOT want to be miserable, spending months to get back in shape. And the following are some ways to prevent weight gain during the holidays.

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Basically… you don’t need to diet to lose weight and can STILL go to McDonald’s.

Stay active: don’t spend all of the holidays lying around in pajamas, watching TV with the family. There are other ways to bond with closed ones; maybe a fun football game? Whatever everyone likes as long as it involves movement. Give yourself a break from being lazy.

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Avoid going to a party with an empty stomach: don’t keep yourself hungry all day just because you have a party to attend later that night. You will end up eating way more than you think. And you may as well take a healthy snack with you if you think there won’t be anything healthy there.

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Freeze the leftovers: It’s okay if not everything is finished after the party, you don’t have to make yourself suffer by eating everything that’s left. You also don’t have to go through the guilt of throwing away; just portion them out and freeze them for later!

Workout: holidays does not mean you get the time off from working out; it’s a part of your day no matter what occasion it is. You can shorten your exercise a bit, but make sure you do it because a half workout is still better than no workout!

Learn to say no: No matter how much someone insists on refilling your plate, it’s your body at the end of the day and you need to take care of it.

Chew gum: keep your mouth busy while you’re socializing with tons of guests at a festive occasion. Chewing gum will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating and similarly, you won’t be able to eat something else because you’re chewing.

Every snack/meal counts: while you may not count that chocolate biscuit you had while talking on the phone, it sure does add calories. So be cautious about what you consume.

Have fun during the holidays but keep an eye out for what you eat!

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