10 Super Simple Tips for Decorating a Budget

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We always want our homes or offices to look as good as we can and the truth is that many of us have the misconception that having a beautiful home can be expensive. And while this might be true for some people, you can totally create your own amazing haven, even on a small budget!

So here are 10 tips on how you can have your home look amazing without having to break the bank!

Plan: This is the starting point for everything you want to do. Create a game plan to work with so you can know what you will be reshaping, redesigning, or doing away with.

Wait for sales: You are on a budget and you definitely can’t afford to pick random adorable objects you come across every day. With your plan, you will have a clear cut idea of what you’re working with and can take advantage of any available garage sales, clearance aisles, or discounted offers.

Use nature: Nature has so surrounded us with beautiful materials that can enhance our lives and overall outlook. Grab a few fresh roses from your garden, get a vase and make it the center of attraction by placing it on your coffee table or any other strategic location in the house.

Gold spray paint: This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. It just requires you to get gold spray paint and use it on old stands, mirror frames, and even your coffee table legs. It introduces an intriguing twist to your old furniture and changes their looks completely.

Buy thrifted items: You will be amazed at the amount of great things you can find shopping at the thrift store!

Fresh paint: Sometimes, you don’t even need to splurge on furniture at all. If you’re moving to a new place or fixing up the home you’ve lived in for years, transform your space by applying fresh paint!

Rearrange: Try a different setting from the one you’re used to and you’ll be surprised at how the look of your space can improve.

Use covers: Rather than getting rid of your furniture, get a cover to switch the look up! There’s a stain on one part of the couch? Get a cute throw to hide it and brighten up the space. A scratch on the dining table? Find a cute table runner!

Be creative: We all have it in us to do more than the usual! Get crazy ideas from Pinterest, watch DIY videos on Youtube, and you’ll be more inspired than ever.

Family: Family is everything! Spice up your home with framed pictures of fun family moments or frame your children’s paintings creatively!

Now if you have any questions about decorating your home on a budget, just let me know!

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