10 Smart Mom Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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We all know parenting is a tough gig. Overworked. No holiday. No pay. Yet the most rewarding job you’ll ever do. So how can you make everything easier when there’s so much that needs to get done? Well, down below we found ten ideas that’ll help you out! So check them out and let us know what you think!

Prep the night before

If you’re cooking, make extra and put it in containers in the freezer, or into tomorrow’s lunch. Make sure clothes are sorted for the following day the night before too. That way you’ll avoid tantrums when your kids can’t find their favorite shirt come morning. You’ve already sorted it. Plus, if you’re really lucky, this could mean extra time in bed!

Order Online

Presents? Amazon! Groceries? Walmart (or Amazon Pantry). Find a way to do things at the touch of a button to save you from having to bustle the kids into the car and wasting fuel going out to do things. You’ll also avoid the dreaded “Mom…. can I have…” too, while freeing up more of your valuable time.

Keep Spares in the Car

Keep things like spare shoes and even a change of clothes in your car for your kids. Extra points if you keep a pair for yourself too. That way any impromptu visits to family can extend overnight. Less stress is a good thing.

Use a Shoe Box

Your three-year-old has left their left shoe under the car, or your twelve-year-old has one boot in the hallway and the other halfway up the stairs. Sound familiar? Invest in a box (cardboard is fine) where their shoes go. You’ll all find life a lot easier when there’s a designated place, and it will teach your kids to pick up after themselves. 


Make sure to consult a medical professional before using Bepanthen.

Diaper rash? Bepanthen. Insect bite? Bepanthen. This diaper rash cream can go a long way in helping with things to do with the skin. So rather than forking out cash for other expensive creams, keep a tube of this for emergencies. 

Utilize Your Gadgets

We all like the latest tech, but these things can also make parenting easier. Use your phone or a smart speaker, such as Amazon Alexa, to notify you of alarms (such as when to pick the kids up!), timers for cooking, or even with your home to change the thermostat or turn off lights that will save you money.

Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Hanger for Toy Storage

We need to make the most of space when our kids seem to have thousands of toys. One space rarely used is the back of their bedroom door. Using a shoe hanger means that toys can be put in each pocket, saving floor and drawer space for other things, and meaning your little one has their favorites ready.

Kit Out Your Car

Something as simple as putting a plastic bag in a plastic cereal container as a makeshift trash container can make your car trip more enjoyable. By finding ways to keep your sanity while driving, you’ll all be a lot more relaxed. But no guarantees it’ll stop the “are we nearly there yet?”

Clean While You’re Cleaning

So, it’s 8pm, kids are in bed, and you want a long, hot shower, but notice it’s looking messy. So what do you do? Get in and clean you AND the shower of course. Find ways to make the cleaning work for you, rather than being a slave to all things domestic. Plus, this way you’ll get to spend more time under the relaxing warmth.

Use Pocket Money to Your Advantage

Pocket money/allowance is a great motivator for kids. And for your kids to get pocket money, they must also follow daily tasks, such as completing homework without a fuss, helping around the house, putting clothes away, and showing generally good behavior. It also instills a good work ethic and sense of responsibility that will benefit you in the future, while meaning mommy has less to do and fewer tantrums to deal with.

Ten things that are oh, so simple, but also effective. Hopefully, these will make your life easier and not have you stressed at the end of the day!

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