12 Simple Storage Solutions You Can Get from the Dollar Store

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It’s overwhelming and mind-blowing how much good stuff you can find at the dollar store. Whether you’re doing an easy DIY project for storage, organization, or decoration, it’ll all look great on a dime.

And if you have ever taken some time to wander around, I bet you know about their huge selection of items that can help you organize and store things in your home. There are plenty of ways to add some organization to your space while saving a lot of money.

So I decided to make a list for some of the best storage solutions that you can find from the dollar store. These DIY projects are almost everything you need for storage for any part of your home. Plus with a little creativity, they’ll definitely give style to your space. So check them out and let me know what you think!

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Ice Cube Tray to Earring Organizer

Your earrings can easily get lost or ruined because of their small size. So keep them all safe, tangle free, and easy to grab with this super simple DIY project. Just repurpose an ice cube tray from the dollar store into an amazing earring organizer, and that’s it!

Wicker Bathroom Towel Shelves

Your bathroom can be the smallest room in your home, which means it needs all the storage help it can get. So a great way to create more room in this small space, is to try finding a couple of lightweight wicker basket from the dollar store.

Then attach the bottom of the baskets to the wall to create hanging shelves. Store your towels, big and small, in them so that they’re easily handy. It’s a space saving storage idea that adds decoration to your tiny bathroom. Good Housekeeping’s example of this kind of DIY project is so cute!

Under the Bed Storage

If you’re living in an apartment or dorm, then you know that it’s essential to utilize every space you can find. And the space under your bed is definitely important! Even if your bed only rises a few inches off the ground, those are still a few inches of functional storage space.

Visit a dollar store and get a plastic bin at least 2 inches shorter than the bottom of your bed frame (or whatever size works best for your bed). Add some caster on its four sides for easy pulling and grabbing. Now you can put your books, shoes, clothing, and other items under your bed.

Portable Spice Kit Organizer

This one’s definitely simple! Just find a weekly pill organizer from the dollar store, and put in the spices you use the most. Spices like, salts, pepper, thyme, dried basil, chili powders, etc. Then whether you’re cooking for family at someone else’s home or you’re staying in an Airbnb, you’ll be ready to go!

Use a Plastic Caddy

Your cleaning supplies can get easily cluttered and disorganized whenever you use them. Using a plastic caddy is a perfect way to help you organize, store, and make a handy cleaning kit. Put all your supplies in and grab when you need them. You can also hide them under your sink for more space saving storage.

Craft Ribbon Dispenser

Storing your ribbon can be as easy as heading to the dollar store to pick up a few supplies. You’ll just need a small plastic basket (that has holes on the sides as a design) and a wooden or plastic dowel rod. Just insert your ribbon spools on the rod and fit the rod from one end to the other end of the basket. You can repeat the process to have one more set of ribbon. Also, don’t forget to poke the end of the ribbon through the holes in the basket for easy grabbing.

Shower Ring Scarf Hanger

If you have a lot of scarves in your closet, chances are you almost always have a tough time trying to find the right one for the outfit. But just by using a simple sturdy wooden hanger and a bunch of shower rings, you’ll be able to easily sort through them all. You can also use this same method for your baseball hats, tank tops, belts, and other items.

Dollar Store Trash Can Makeover

Who would have thought that an ordinary trash can from the dollar store could be turned into a chic and functional storage solution? Want to know the secret? By simply wrapping the trash can with a rope, you can make a super cute basket.

And as an option, you can add some cute colorful accents by applying some metallic spray paint on it!

Plastic Crates Storage Shelf

You can find a lot of plastic crates with different sizes in the Dollar store. So why not get some and use them as storage for your kid’s room or playroom to organize their toys and books? All you need to do is join them together, turned on their sides, and then attached to the wall as a cohesive shelving unit.

DIY Tiered Tray

Here’s an easy hack to store and organize your accessories. Using supplies bought from the dollar store, including some candlestick holders, metal trays, super glue, and a sponge brush, you can quickly make a decorative and functional DIY tiered tray.

Mason Jar & Jar Organization

If you have too many kitchen utensils, there are always plenty of options for ways to organize them at the dollar store. And whether you’re using a mason jar or something else, you won’t run out of options!

Clothes Hamper

If you’re finding your dirty clothing all over your floor, find a plain white hamper at the dollar store. Then use stamps or just paint (whether black or another color of your choice) to create a style of your choice!

Organizing every space in your home becomes possible when you shop at the dollar store. With just a little creativity, a budget-friendly and amazing storage solution is definitely doable. So consider these tips for your next dollar store visit and let me know what you think!

Now if you have any dollar store finds yourself, let me know in the down comments! I’d love to hear about them!

In the meantime, why not check out these dollar store tips I’ve curated for you?

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